Data Center & Virtualization

Step into the future of IT infrastructure with our Data Center and Virtualization courses. Learn to harness the power of virtualization technologies to maximize efficiency and scalability. Dive into the intricacies of hypervisors, containerization, and cloud integration, and become a master of resource optimization. From VMware to Kubernetes, our expert-led modules will equip you with the skills to design, deploy, and manage cutting-edge data centers. Elevate your expertise and lead the charge in creating agile, resilient, and cost-effective IT environments. Join us and become the architect of the digital backbone that powers businesses in the 21st century. Enroll now and revolutionize the way we compute!

Red Hat

Red Hat Linux (RHCSA and RHCE)

Forge your path as a Linux expert, learn to create secure, scalable, and open-source solutions that redefine possibilities.

beginner80 hours

VMware Virtualization (VCP-DCV 2023)

Manage cutting-edge data center virtualization solutions. Learn VMware vSphere including virtual machines, networking and storage.

beginner60 hours

Networking & Security Virtualization (NSX)

Gain proficiency in VMware NSX-T and ESXI-T, microsegmentation and network automation. Architect dynamic secure virtual networks.

••• advanced60 hours
Cisco Systems

Data Center SDN (Cisco ACI)

Harness the future of network automation with software-defined networking propel innovation in data center transformation.

••• advanced120 hours
Cisco Systems

Data Center Networking (DCCOR)

Conquer the core of Data Center networking: Elevate your expertise to build agile, scalable and secure data center solutions.

•• intermediate120 hours
Amazon Web Services

AWS Certified Architect (Associate & Professional)

This is a combination course that covers both the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate and Professional course.

•• intermediate100 hours
Amazon Web Services

AWS Cloud DevOps – Professional

Unleash your technical prowess in provisioning, operating, managing distributed application systems on AWS using DevOps culture.

•• intermediate80 hours

Windows Server 2022 Administrator

Deploy business critical workloads in Azure and on-premises, configure hyper-v, security, high-availability and network capability.

•• intermediate70 hours
Microsoft Azure

Azure Administrator Associate (AZ-104)

Gain proficiency in virtual networks, storage, compute, identity, security and governance on Microsoft Azure envrionment.

•• intermediate60 hours
Microsoft Azure

Azure Cloud Data Center (AZ-305)

Learn deploying advanced Azure workloads, DevOps processes, data storage solutions and configuring network connectivity.

••• advanced70 hours
Microsoft Azure

Azure Cloud DevOps Solutions (AZ-400)

Empower your DevOps mastery to enhance collaboration, automation and CI/CD pipelines on Microsoft Azure platform.

••• advanced75 hours
Microsoft Azure

Windows Server Hybrid (AZ-800 & AZ-801)

Implement identity, security, management, compute, storage, networking, monitoring, HA & DR. On-premises, cloud and hybrid.

••• advanced100 hours

Certified OpenStack Administrator Course

Deploy and manage private and public cloud infrastructures with OpenStack services, virtualization and orchestration.

•• intermediate60 hours
Red Hat

OpenShift Administration (DO180 and DO280)

Gain expertise to deploy and manage containerized applications on Kubernetes, DevOps integration and hybrid cloud deployment.

••• advanced60 hours